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I have a soft spot for odd 90s cameras so I have these as well (photos from google image search)

Ricoh Mirai and Canon Epoca

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Here is an old photo of my film camera of choice (Olympus IS1000)

I've never used it with that big flash on tbh because it scares me a little, I'm a natural light kinda gal, but I've dug it out to see if I can give it a try

#photography #film #camera

[#Astuce] "Ever wanted to be able to control your digital camera or DSLR from Fedora? Entangle — an application to tether digital cameras — allows you to take a shot, tweak settings, and view the shot all from the comfort of your desktop. Simply connect your camera up via USB, launch Entangle, and start taking photos." #fedora #photo #camera #logiciellibre