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What a time to be alive! 😊

Running Windows 7 in VirtualBox on Linux, to program for the Commodore 64 (running inside of Windows 7)

#c64 #recursion #lifeisgood #programming

[EN] Thanks to this future technology (6€, flea markt), I may soon be able to load data into my Commodore64 \o/

[FR] Grâce à cette technologie du futur (6€, vide-grenier), je pourrai peut-être bientôt charger des données dans mon Commodore64 \o/

Assembly language programmers have style!

(from Assembly language for kids - Commodore 64)

#c64 #programming #kids

@profoundlynerdy #c64 #z80 #sinclair sold them all to collectors to feed my family :| . Mostly listen to slay radio and cry. I have a timex 16k module still, and a grip of eeproms.

Are there any current or former #C64 or #Amiga users around here?

What do you do with them these days?