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'If human rights law get in the way, we will change those laws.'

- Theresa May

(when leaving the emotional words out of her sentence)

The full sentence was:
'I'm clear: if human rights law get in the way of tackeling extremism and terrorism, we will change those laws to keep British people safe.'

...shure, to make us safer you need to take our rights.

How about to protect our rights?
...just an idea

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I like Prince Harry. He talks about mental illness and his own panic attacks, and then today apparently he said that no royal *wants* to be monarch. He's the relatable one. :P

Anyway, people on Twitter are responding by saying we should get rid of the monarchy and we'd have more money for the NHS etc.

DO YOU KNOW how much money the monarchy makes for this country?

It's a lot. Way more than they cost.

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#SgtPepper at 50: How the #Beatles masterpiece could unite #Brexit #Britain
Unlike other #psychedelic classics, The Fabs’ Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band doesn’t sound like #hippy #idealism. Instead, the diverse, inclusive vision of #English identity it promoted couldn’t be more necessary

People moving to the UK from the EU: Immigrants.

People moving from the UK to the EU: Ex-pats.

#Britain D: Just stop.

Growing #pineapples in #Britain (should also work in any other North European country with similar weather).

It is possible to get edible fruit but can take up to 3 years effort!

Quite a good BBC report about beating excuses against #cycling to work in #Britain 🚲

Tip: if new to cycling check councils website for local cycle route maps (often downloadable & paper copies free from places like libraries. also start riding first on a weekend and/or when not time pressured - you can locate routes with less traffic/avoid poor road layouts and scary/dangerous areas.

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'What is the value of such an analysis?': #Russia questions #Britain’s chemical weapons investigation in #Syria

#Slovak #media face hefty #fines for referring to #Britain instead of #UK | World news | The Guardian

Many even inside the UK get the references wrong.

No wonder the #Brexit #referendum opened up so many wounds of a divided nation. #IdentityCrisis?