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@phie head's up, je crois que le serveur est crashé ☠️

Si tu as besoin d'aide n'hésite pas à demander hein 🤖 je suis un mauvais sysadmin mais je suis un sysadmin nonetheless

You think geeks are palsy sworn-in-blood leftists chained to the machine, bowing down to this month's master try French geeks 💩

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This is disturbing. Amazon whistleblower just revealed they lied about recording and storing faces on their van cams. Plus its being pumped through AI to ID you. What an absolute nightmare. I don't care if they want to monitor their own people but these assholes are now operating a massive domestic spy network.

Two places to read it are or on Packet Pushers telegram
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One take again, 2 guitars & 2 voices, encore une seule prise, deux grattes et deux voix, now this is REAL HOME-STUDIO shit ppl, you realize that do you? How can you be 😎

We wrote each verse together, and now my friend is dead 🤖

Déjà 10+ ans que j'ai écrit cette chanson pour les chiens de station essence (it's a thing, tryna keep up) ma seconde session sous Linux, j'avais l'impression d'être dans un autre monde ; j'y suis TJS 🤖

Ten+ yrs now that I wrote this song for gas station dogs (oui ça existe, vis et apprends) my second Linux_only audio session, like stepping in another world. I live there now 🤖

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Back on to read the same "good guy.s on the left" moronic messages over & over ; Depressing. Let's go play with my homies the stray .

Yes, the music I toot about is MINE. I made it myself 😎

Hey, you " control" morons, ignorant cowards that seem to think their stupidity will somehow shield them from violence, just shut the fuck up now, will you? Grab a and let the ADULTS of this world in charge, thank you very much.

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