Pizza is cancelled ; BLACK OLIVES MATTER 🍕

@Openmastering I master all my songs myself (With JAMin) and it sucks, lemme tell you. Some instruments basically *disappear* from the mix without me noticing before years after. I hate that 🤖

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Shameless reminder that I'm the right guy if you want to release your music as I do audio mastering for a living. I work a lot with indie free/open #musicians from around the world.
My software pipeline is entirely #freesoftware, a lot of my hardware is #diy.
You'll have your music treated by a real person and my pricing is fair, so that's real value for you.
Just contact me here, and explain me your project, I'd be happy to help.

@Openmastering You can hear Zyn in basically *all* my tracks ; Hi Sam, check out my music and my FLOSS tutos 😎 some links are on my page

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You want the most powerful #synth there is? But in your browser?
I name #cardinal. In your browser! Yes another amazing deed from I'm amazed.
Cardinal is a completely #freesoftware version of the famous #vcvrack. It runs as a plugin or standalone, and since today, in the browser.

Just try it here:

And support Falktx work, any way you can
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@elekis Is that me? It sure sounds like me 🙂

Soo any "new" story about the " assault" this week? Come on, is this dying on the vine? 😪 😅

@Hyolobrika @thatbrickster Ooh I think I see what you mean, because I (mistakenly) capitalized "him"? No, not that "Him" 🤖

@Hyolobrika @thatbrickster Read it again, it's all in the typography : I was going for Him then went for It, in the context of this thread in particular, and the current climat in general, you should be able to figure out why 🙂

@Hyolobrika @thatbrickster The enemy. Never do that. He's "your friend that doesn't know it yet" 🙂 Sun Tzu

@thatbrickster @Hyolobrika I personally got it down to CONFUSION ; It's all about it. Confuse your enemy. Make him question up and down, right and wrong. We are attacked by a very skillful enemy. Let's not disrespect Hi... Well, it.

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