Oh, and if somebody here knows how to use the "nonce" CSP attribute in a / Express app without making JQuery clutch her pearls and shriek in the console, please lemme know 🤖

Think Imma drop this CSP shit.

Yo 😎 I slapped this together today 🎹 4 tracks (, , , compression + reverb) just to get the back on ; no mix no master yet ; Dude my new album is gonna be AWES🧿🧿ME stay well tuned : (EADGBE 🎸) sub to my channel because girl & boy oh boy you have no idea 🚀

"The gangsters court"

- Juge: Profession
- Defendant:
- Juge (surprised) no, this is not the time to plead guilty yet ; I'm asking for your profession
- D: Journalist
- J: Yeah, but what is your real job, what do you say to your family? 🤣

I found a directory full of sessions on an old drive, they all load flawlessly in the new v2 😎

I interact w/ A LOT of dogs & cats ; I call every "gros chien" and every (wow, 550 tags / week (5 for )? Get a life, cat people, this is just sad) "ptiminou" and that's it :blobcatcoffee:

Did you know that the President is not only an actor, but that he actually starred in a show in which he (as a teacher 🙂) became *ze president* ?

That is REALLY next-level :blobcatcoffee:

They sleep in huge deep holes that they dig in the dirt, very loud and territorial by night, but lovely and playful by day :) take one for a walk, if you're fun it'll follow you all the way to the butcher shop 😎

This brown one mama ? Jumped out of a bush and BIT me once! I was running by the seaside, and that NEVER happens. I insisted, she was garding one of her dead puppies, attacking anyone in a 50M radius. Don't worry, since then she had at least a dozen of those critters :blobcatcoffee:

Seriously, seaside stray dogs find me super cool 😎

j'avais perdu le micro aigu de la ; donc bon long story short, maintenant le switch de phase est un switch ON / OFF il ÉTEINT la gratte OK? J'ai ponté ça le + proprement possible avec du cable (bleu) d'1.5mm, ça *marche* bref, s'pas le sujet en fait, le sujet c'est le NIVEAU de gratte que j'ai putain mais je me balade dans toutes les positions ayet m'man chu un hero 😎 c'est arrivé comme ça littéralement dans mon sommeil guère touché la gratte pdt 5 ans, et d'un coup épiphanie 🌅

I had lost the treble mic on the Hagstrom, so I bridged the mic switch to the (fucking) phase switch, neutering it (it's now an ON / OFF switch for both mics) but the point is I totally SHRED now. It happened overnight, in my sleep, I barely touched any for YEARS and now, just like this, I can find my way in ALL the positions, ALL the modes, dude it's crazy stuff, my wife is flabbergasted, and believe you me, when I suck at anything she's more than happy to point it out like medically 📋

'tain le (et surtout ) c'est tellement trop l'buzz qu'on n'arrive à peine à suivre 😎 quant à apparemment (clairement) *personne* n'y aime la auto-produite.

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