@Antanicus and boy was there opposition to this!! Phone manufacturers where crying wolf, claiming the sky will fall down, etc, etc.

All because they wanted to keep charging (no pun intended) users for their bullshit phone chargers a couple of bucks more.

@rysiek @Antanicus gaia think of the waste all those charger variations must have produced, actually no scratch that I know how much waste it produces because my family stories everything and it normally falls on me to explain that "no these charges will be useful for absolutely nothing in the future, they where manufactured to be replaced almost immediately".


I keep some as well. I have a small collection of various voltage transformers. And I use them when I need some particular voltage and I find a match (must match max current as well). Connectors can be replaced ; sometimes I just directly connect wires.

But that's still so little re-use of so many manufactured stuff :(
@Antanicus @rysiek

@youen @rysiek @Antanicus I picked up a cheap variable power supply not to long ago, but I have never tried bear wiring it into something to charge it.

just reminds me of my friends jury rigged PC power supply, he must have disassembled and rebuilt that thing a million times but I was always waiting for it to explode.

@tastytentacles @youen @Antanicus fun fact, I tried fixing my 13000mAh powerbank today and got some nice blue smoke out of it.

That thing (IF I fix it) is going to be fun at airport security.

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