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KDE developers: Power to the user. You can even decide desktop transition speed when switching desktops. We have so much to offer while also being light.

GNOME developers: Please do not customize. No don't touch that. By changing things you are hurting the developers' identity 🥺
@aral Open Source has always been about decoupling the technical advantages of Free Software from the ethical advantages.

#FreeSoftware > #OpenSource

Nothing like running the GTK4 demo and seeing homages to Facebook and Google.

What a sour taste that leaves in my mouth.

#GTK #GNOME #SurveillanceCapitalism

Premier Samedi du Libre du 4 septembre 2021 à l'Accorderie Paris-Sud

Lieu : Accorderie Paris-Sud - 6 Rue Maurice Bouchor - 75014 Paris

Venez aider ou vous faire aider à installer et paramétrer des logiciels libres et toute distribution GNU/Linux ou Android avec les associations d’utilisateurs de Fedora, Mageia, Ubuntu, Debian pour GNU/Linux ; et Replicant, LineageOS, f-droid pour (...)

Chromebooks are very secure. This is not surprising. Prisons usually have excellent security.

/e/OS updated to 0.18 on my phone with a better dark theme support, among other things 👍

So, I don't think that is a real Free Software community and thanks to's recent video, I was compelled to say why in a video: which I hope lays out my constructive critique of the problem.

Let me know in comments what I got wrong😅

2001-2007 was peak scrollbar era.

Just look at those things that you can grab. Pretty *and* functional.


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We've got 23,000 signatures to give Apple, asking them not to implement their new phone scanning plan.

Help us get to 25,000:

Samedi 4 septembre à l'Accorderie : INSTALL PARTY !

Venez vous faire aider à installer et paramétrer des logiciels libres et toute distribution GNU/Linux sur netbook, portable, tour, PC/Mac, ou smartphone, éventuellement à côté de votre système actuel.

Programme :
12h30 déjeuner (lieu à déterminer).
14h-18h : Install party à l'Accorderie.
18h- After-apéro (lieu à déterminer).

Pour vous inscrire, ou tout complément d'information, envoyez nous un mail.

À bientôt

@o0karen0o Naomi Wu got the code!

<mandarin>"Because I can't tell them that we are not GPL compliant, we Chinese are not like that. They will say that we are IP thieves."</mandarin>

Notice employee's reaction to that. Also those "we"'s... so smart.

You might have noticed that I haven’t mentioned which problem it is that Apple is purporting to solve. Why? Because it doesn’t matter.

Having read thousands upon thousands of remarks on this growing scandal, it has become clear to me that many understand it doesn't matter, but few if any have been willing to actually say it.

Documentation update! The LibreOffice Writer Guide 7.2 is here - thanks to Jean Weber, Kees Kriek and everyone else in the docs project:

J'ai fait une poignée de wallpapers simples mais colorés pour et . Dispo en paysage et mode portrait. Ils devraient aller pas trop mal avec un mode sombre ou clair. Vous pouvez récupérer les PNG ou les sources SVG.

Si vous vous posez la question, j'ai fait ça sous @inkscape et, si ça ne sautait pas déjà aux yeux, non je suis pas un pro. J'aime juste beaucoup les couleurs, et Debian, et Xfce, et Inkscape 😋

I made a bunch of simple and colored wallapers. They should work fine on both dark and light themes, in landscape and portrait mode. Both PNG and SVG source files are available.

If your wondering, I made them in @inkscape. and if that wasn't already obvious I am not a pro I just like colors a lot, and Debian, and Xfce, and Inkscape too 😋

Remember the modem dial-up sound?

Here it is visualized.

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