@jbauer How much is worth Apple, this morning? Mmm, I beg your pardon? This is not how one measures success? Really? My bad, then ;)

idk about you but if you sell me a computer with a processor whose documentation I can't read on a board whose schematics I can't buy and which I can't repair, which is only designed to run software I can't audit or change

in what sense do I actually own that computer?

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So ... are you happy with this state of affairs? Do you think that not having a tracking-free device is the just punishment for you lack of knowledge?

I don't blame the LOS-people, but the future of privacy is dark if only a chosen few are able to defend it and the rest just shrug their shoulders.

Thos stuff needs to be available to all, including the time-poor -- and the number of devs who actively deny this is frightening me.
@sthaydn @aral

Nothing to add...
"The privacy focused /e/OS variant of Android was observed to transmit essentially no data"

Find out more about the in-depth analysis of the data collected by Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, Realme and others by #tcddublin #EdinburghUni


What should I work on next in Inkscape? (comment for something else)

If you're a Patron supporter, please answer on this page instead of twitter: patreon.com/posts/57239868 so I know supporter preferences separately.

Capitalism is easy to visualise: All you have to do is imagine a modern system based on human rights, equality, and social justice… and then invert that image.

@kzimmermann 5, 1 for everyday stuff and the rest for each project I am working on on a longer time frame, each using its own wallpaper (thx, ) because it's useful to instantly know on which I'm... and it's pretty ;)

Last toot: pour mémoire, ma traduction/adaptation en FR du poster des 4 libertés logicielles est ici:


For anyone who doesn't know. The 4 essential freedoms poster (that we designed) is now shared by GNU.ORG . I just found out. gnu.org/graphics/amihud-4-free

Even the framing “year of Linux on desktop” is broken. There is no such thing as “Linux on desktop.” There is only the next laptop or phone you buy. Can you use it to do the everyday things you need/want to do in 2021 or can’t you? Could be powered by hamsters on treadmills for all anyone (but a relative handful of geeks) cares. But whether it is free and open or proprietary will determine the character of the society we live in, our rights, and our freedoms.

#design #tech #freedom #humanRights

Imo, le problème c'est pas le type de militants qui a été ainsi piégé mais d’avoir laissé se développer un système qui rende ça possible.

Bcp de celles et ceux qui sont indignés de ça auraient certainement applaudi si ça avait été des terroristes ou des pervers qui avaient été ainsi 'trahis'.

Le truc qu’il faut faire piger à tout le monde, c’est que c’est pas possible d’avoir une techno qui ne traque « que » les méchants mais pas les gentils. C’est tout le monde, ou personne.

Et donc, maintenant il y a de bonnes raisons pour brûler des livres...

Vivement le prochain type de bûcher.

@obrow Je ne sais pas quelles sont tes priorités mais si c'était moi, après avoir lu j'irai sans doute voir ailleurs. Ils sont relativement clairs, pas de souci sur l'usage, mais comme tu l'as noté ils se donnent aussi bcp de leviers pour pouvoir redéfinir les règles le cas échéant.

Si tu veux absolument utiliser une de leur bande, je suggérerais de les contacter pour en parler avec eux: une trace écrite d'accord ne ferait pas de mal ;)

@obrow Je me poserais la question de cette façon : es-tu prêt à courir le moindre risque, sérieux ou pas, pour pouvoir utiliser telle ou telle musique dont la licence n'est pas claire ?

A few weeks after having replaced my own iPhone (and the last remaining Apple device I was using) with an /e/os Android smartphone from @e_mydata, a second one just entered our home. This time it is for my partner 😀

Byebye for good, Apple.

Here's a little thing that may not be obvious to many people....

When you install an open-source app from Google Play or the Apple app store, there is no guarantee that what you install actually matches the public code.

@fdroidorg are doing a great service. They independently build the public source code for apps from scratch, review for common issues, and publish their builds. Thanks to "reproducible builds" it's possible to verify they do not tamper with the code.


(...) We have a presumption of innocence for the accused. We have a right to self-defense. We have a statute of limitations.

By contrast, the modern online public sphere, a place of rapid conclusions, rigid ideological prisms, and arguments of 280 characters, favors neither nuance nor ambiguity. Yet the values of that online sphere have come to dominate many American cultural institutions


Mob Justice Is Trampling Democratic Discourse

theatlantic.com/magazine/archi #CancelCulture

"Social codes are changing, in many ways for the better. But for those whose behavior doesn’t adapt fast enough to the new norms, judgment can be swift—and merciless."

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