Last toot: pour mémoire, ma traduction/adaptation en FR du poster des 4 libertés logicielles est ici:

For the first time since I switched to Linux, I spend the day using Windows again.

Glad this day is over and to be back on *my* , running *my* installation of on , with , , , and a few other cool apps (looking at you, my dear )

Despite 30 years using Windows, there is no turning back for me: FLOSS is where I feel at home, at last.

Thx so much for your work, guys 😍

My 99.9% writing setup, running applications next to a single non-free app (hidden somewhere in this screenshot). Nobody is perfect 😇

A couple months back, anyone would have told me I would write using only free software—bar one—as the 50-something and the lifelong Windows user I am, I would have laughed hard.

I'm so glad I took the chance and switched to free software. It's never too late, and it's great 😍

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