Et donc, maintenant il y a de bonnes raisons pour brûler des livres...

Vivement le prochain type de bûcher.

I just did my first soldering ever, to fix my Grado SR80 headset (wires were broken on the left driver). Took the opportunity to mod it with a removable 3.5mm jack.

The result is ugly as hell but I'm so happy to have it working again, I love its sound. The other great thing is that I managed to only burn two fingers during the whole process 😋

Si vous préférez lire en Français, les chapitres consacrés à @libreoffice dans l'excellentissime bouquin de Bruce Byfield 'Designing With LibreOffice' ont été traduits et sont dispos, librement, sous le titre « LibreOffice, c'est stylé ! ».

Comme pour l'original en anglais, et malgré son titre, ne jugez pas ce livre sur sa couverture. Il est bourré d'infos et d'astuces vraiment utiles pour tirer un max de Writer.

To get the most out of @libreoffice , as a +25 years ex-Word user, I learned a lot in

The official 'Writer Guide'. Available as a free HTML, PDF, ODT + a paid print

'Designing With LibreOffice', by Bruce Byfield. Don't judge this book by its cover: it's so good it should be mandatory read. Free PDF, ODT + paid print

'Designing ebooks with free software' (Bruce Byfield, again). Free PDF, epub, mobi, ODT + paid print

J'ai fait une poignée de wallpapers simples mais colorés pour et . Dispo en paysage et mode portrait. Ils devraient aller pas trop mal avec un mode sombre ou clair. Vous pouvez récupérer les PNG ou les sources SVG.

Si vous vous posez la question, j'ai fait ça sous @inkscape et, si ça ne sautait pas déjà aux yeux, non je suis pas un pro. J'aime juste beaucoup les couleurs, et Debian, et Xfce, et Inkscape 😋

I made a bunch of simple and colored wallapers. They should work fine on both dark and light themes, in landscape and portrait mode. Both PNG and SVG source files are available.

If your wondering, I made them in @inkscape. and if that wasn't already obvious I am not a pro I just like colors a lot, and Debian, and Xfce, and Inkscape too 😋

11 released. Even though I have been using it for weeks already, it is time to (humbly) start seeding it 😍 😋

Thanks so much for Debian, guys.

Installed my first two AppImages a few days ago, for and .

As much as I did not enjoy using Snaps or Flatpaks, when I gave then a try on my old laptop, so far AppImages are working really well on my ThinkPad X220.

And it makes me wonder: could AppImages be the simplest solution to access recent versions of some apps while fully enjoying the stability and the peace of mind of running ?

Testing a Bluetooth connection to a Bose QuietComfort 35 II headset, on .

First ever wireless/BT headset I use. I expected much more troubles making it work with Linux.

So far, it is working really well (not well enough to convince me to get rid of my wired headset, though 😋 )

It's official, I'm in love with 😍
It is to the point I made a custom wallpaper for the version I'm currently testing 😋 😂

My 99.9% writing setup, running applications next to a single non-free app (hidden somewhere in this screenshot). Nobody is perfect 😇

A couple months back, anyone would have told me I would write using only free software—bar one—as the 50-something and the lifelong Windows user I am, I would have laughed hard.

I'm so glad I took the chance and switched to free software. It's never too late, and it's great 😍

Testing for the very first time (5.21.5 on Manjaro). Quite impressed so far but (of course, there is one)...

I don't know what I did wrong but I can't seem to make the UI smaller than that on my 2560x1440p monitor. Also, all menus, as the icons in the side panel seem somewhat blurry.

Any idea what I did wrong and how I could fix it? Thx 😋

(I added 3 screenshots of the settings I think are meaningful?)

Considering replacing my laptop. So I am looking for a Linux-friendly model (Manjaro).

I am very much interested in @tuxedocomputers InfinityBook Pro 14 Gen 6, with its 16:10 mate display 😍 Also, quite happy to find their Control Center app is in the AUR 😀

Not sure about your return policy, guys: is it 14 or 30-days?

Next on my reading list "Wayward Puritans: A Study in the Sociology of Deviance" (Salem Witch Trials).

But first I have yet to finish the really disturbing "Le manuel des inquisiteurs, à l'usage des inquisitions d'Espagne et de Portugal", de Nicolas Eymeric (1553)

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