This company that sells clothing says it had to stop selling to EU because of GDPR. This image IS their site now, it says: "Blame your government (no, really)".

Really though? It's that hard to sell me clothes while respecting my privacy? You only have to blame yourself on this one 😂

@kingannoy If they don’t have any assets in the EU, why don’t they just get fined and then tell the EU to stuff it when it’s time to collect?

@duck57 @kingannoy Countries may simply block their website. Very easily. Probably not worth it. Their remark shows a very high level of ignorance and arrogance.

@yac @kingannoy Is there any benefit to the business to block the EU nations instead of forcing the EU nations to block them? I guess it’s to keep open any future expansion opportunities should they choose to treat personal data responsibly in the future.

@duck57 @kingannoy Opening your site to EU citizens while not being compliant is at best a waste of effort, time and money if you end up investigated, sued and blocked anyway. And would be bad publicity and shoddy business practice. But hey, why not

That's a straw man. I never said they should just sell to the EU. Or that it would make sense for them to expend any effort at all to become compliant.

Not being careful what data you keep on your customers, not complying with sensible regulations (#GDPR) about data retention. That is shoddy business practice. Because maybe someday you will be hacked and all that data will leak, but hey, don't worry, #yolo.


@kingannoy Yes that would be very bad but some companies are bound to take a chance, because they just suck and can't think of any other way. I guess many operate in the EU w/o any compliance whatsoever. At least decided to abide to the law - although with a very radical solution that probably did not serve them.

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I missed the thread leading up to your post. I thought it was a reply directly to me and my response was unnecessarily combative, sorry. 😑

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