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Thanks to @frju365, you can now have domains in *.ynh.fr in #YunoHost, similarly to the *.nohost.me and *.noho.st domains 🎉 😋 !


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@ljf worked on two apps to make it easy to deploy a Borg setup between two servers :toot: ! (Borg is a software that allows efficient, encrypted remote backups)

He is now looking for people to try those and provide feedback. Feel free to join the effort :thinkerguns: ! (N.B. : this is an inprogress/unstable app, please don't put it in production yet)

More info : forum.yunohost.org/t/community

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¿Alguien es fotógrafa/o? Molaría iniciar un mini-proyecto de hacer fotos con licencia libre de las típicas imágenes de "setups" de escritorios donde siempre se ven manzanitas y intentar poner portátiles con GNU/Linux :/
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My #yunohost is updated in Debian 9 & 3.0 version and everything works ! Thanks all community that's have done a looong beta testing phases to make it works !

My raspberrypi arrived at 12:30, by 13:30 I had @yunohost up and running and the ports of my router set up!
The next step, installing some apps. Mysql was not running but a quick ask to the amazing community and in less than 30min I already had an answer. Now i have my own selfhosted cloud!!!

What an amazing soft and even better community.

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Ce matin nous étions à 42%, là nous venons de dépasser la barre des 50% ! Vous êtes magiques ! \o/
Continuez de partager et parler de #PeerTube: il nous reste 15 jours pour y arriver ensemble !

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Google prévoit d'implanter un "Campus" à Kreuzberg, Berlin. Nous, en tant que réseau décentralisé de personnes, nous engageons à ne pas laisser notre ville bien-aimée sous la mainmise de cette société qui pratique l'évasion fiscale, qui contourne les lois et qui construit un avenir dystopique


#FuckOffGoogle @FuckOffGoogle

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Hey #FreeSotfware lovers!

We need you to help us grow #PeerTube into the YouTube alternative it can become.

Spread the word about #JoinPeertube joinpeertube.org, and fund the development of important features on frama.link/joinpeertube

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"FUCK GOOGLE BRIDGE" in Kreuzberg, leading to the selected site for a "Google campus".

People of the neighborhood organize and take the streets to kick Google and its world out of our lives and spaces!

wiki.fuckoffgoogle.de (pls contribute!)
search.fuckoffgoogle.net (unfiltered search results respecting your privacy)


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He escrito sobre un barrio de Berlín que está organizándose en contra de que Google les invada


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This is it 🎉 !

After several months of alpha/beta-testing, we are proud today to release *YunoHost 3.0 for Stretch*, as well as version 2.7.14 which includes a mechanism to migrate from Jessie to Stretch :toot: !

We want to give a warm thank to all people who took time to test and gave feedback on this release 😙 !

You can find further info on the release note : forum.yunohost.org/t/5020

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#YouTube makes money from videos promoting extremism. Its algorithm radicalises viewers, because it wants people to be angrily clicking on more videos.

YouTube is tearing society apart by encouraging us to hate each other:


The most promising ethical alternative to YouTube is #PeerTube, which is decentralised and in beta testing.

You can support development of PeerTube to a release version at its crowdfunding page:


#DeleteYouTube #DeleteGoogle

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#Kreuzberg is *actually* kicking #Google out!

Fuck off Google and its world, made of mass-surveillance, participation in drone assassination, tax-evasion, speculation and start-upification of our lives and spaces!

Our deep, dense network of neighbors organizing in solidarity will prevail over your shitty Sillicon Valley ideology and profits!

#FuckOffGoogle #GoogleIstKeinGuterNachbar #NoGoogle #StartUpRevolt

Contribute on the wiki: wiki.fuckoffgoogle.de/

(photos: Umbruch Bildarchiv)

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are you a #cat fan? :blobmiou:
checkout masto.cat/

There will show all the #Mastodon toots with #mastocat tag with a picture! :angery:

Thanks to @kim for this great piece of code! 👍

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Vous voulez une alternative à #YouTube où vous avez le pouvoir sur vos vidéos ?
PeerTube combine un système de #federation et du streaming en #P2P dans un #LogicielLibre.
#JoinPeertube sur frama.link/joinpeertube , ou regardez :

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Help us achieve a true #YouTube alternative where you can take back the power over your videos.
PeerTube combines #federation and #P2P streaming in a #FreeSoftware.
Just #JoinPeertube on frama.link/joinpeertube , or watch:

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June 14th - 20:00 - KICK GOOGLE FROM THE HOOD!

At the beginning of the World Cup, Nogooglecampus says: "Kick' Google from the neighborhood". We will meet at 8 pm, after the opening game of the World Cup, in front of the Umspannwerk and play with footballs in such a way that it will knock out Google. Cold drinks and music will also be provided.


#FuckOffGoogle #DecentralizeAll #JoinUs

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Vous avez envie de contribuer au libre mais vous ne savez pas comment ? Venez aux contrib'ateliers !
Le prochain à #toulouse c'est mercredi 13 juin à 18h à Etincelle Coworking et c'est organisé par @Framasoft agendadulibre.org/events/17064
Pour s'inscrire :
#contributopia #contribution #ateliers #libre