@idmyn It's a pleasure following you. You are a gentleman and a scholar.

Je suis tryopophobe. C'est horrible.

Question de noob. comment on fait un copier coller, a partir du clipboard, dans ...
j ai essaye de taper +yy .. mais sans succes..

Under the care of a teacher, Hermione learns to respect good teachers and gives up her pranks, even becoming somewhat of a stick in the mud. Miss Honey does some growing as well. She goes to night school to become a dentist, where she meets a fellow older learner, Mr. Granger. They fall in love and eventually marry.

Soon after, a witch by the name of Professor McGonagall arrives...


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Eventually, her family leaves and she's adopted by Miss Jenny Honey. In order to escape her family's criminal past and to honor her new mother, Matilda renames herself Hermione Jean Honey.

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Matilda Hermione Wormwood displays her magical abilities when she's under great stress at Miss Trunchbull's academy. Like Harry's blowing up of his aunt and disappearing of the glass at the zoo, it just kind of happens. Of course Hermione being Hermione, she's able to control her telekinesis much better (ever wonder how she mastered Wingardium Leviosa so quickly? She was actually using her telekinesis)

Word of the day:
which appear to be the longest word that you can spell with
Elemental Symbols

Botte en caoutchouc en anglais se dit Wellington Boots, ou wellies, en hommage a Arthur Wellesley de Wellington, ça a quand même tout de suite plus de classe.


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Pétition pour dénoncer le partenariat entre l'Education Nationale et Microsoft :


(je vous laisse lire en quoi consiste ce partenariat c'est dégoûtant...)

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Débarquer sur Mastodon c'est comme débarquer dans une nouvelle classe où tu ne connais personne et où tu flippes de dire une connerie et de ruiner ta réputation avant même qu'elle ait commencé.

... Bonjour ?

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