@wiltur also done on sony vaio z2 (best laptop so far with Lenovo x1 series)

@wiltur 😍

ca va casser en trois secondes... Mais chapeau !

Et ta gueule Apple ! 😂 (en plus ca rime)

J'achete pas un ordinateur sans port Eth !

@wiltur Lol, jolie prouesse. Sans doute pas très robuste, par contre :/

@wiltur @angristan one of my friends had a quasi-foldable ethernet port like this, but they never noticed they had it until I plugged a cable in there

Looks like some mech. Does entire laptop transform into a robot ;)?

@wiltur WHAAAT! That is the most cybre physical interface I have ever seen.

@wiltur For the record, the laptop in question is the so-called "FUJITSU Notebook LIFEBOOK U938" with "1 (pull out) x Ethernet (RJ-45)"


Although I like this very much I would expect it to break quite easily. I wonder how much it would cost or even possible to replace the ports.

@wiltur I owned a Fujitsu Lifebook U series with this fancy contraption. It was just as cool in person. I showed it off to everybody and frequently marveled at the ingenuity and the engineering that went into it.

But when I actually wanted to plug in Ethernet I always wished for a dongle instead. A magnetic break-away dongle preferably so someone doesn't toss my $1300 laptop across the room when they trip on the cable.

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