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Remember when I said this : 'If I get **hacked** or banned, you can still watch my videos on lbry/peertube'?

It starts ...

@thelinuxEXP got banned, a friend @leonllrYT got hacked. Well, you know what? I'm gonna use LBRY or PeerTube as my primary video platform.

I'm still gonna upload on both these 3 but if I get hacked or banned, you can still watch my content on Odysee/LBRY and PeerTube!

Leonllr sur youtube s'est fait piraté :(

Hi! I successfully installed ubuntu touch on my personal phone and it works GREAT! Thank you, UBports! One problem is that it uses the linux perf kernrl which is bad for battery life and sometimes makes my phone heat for no reason. I'd prefer using the SilverCore kernel instead.

@thelinuxEXP You guys should support him. He makes great videos! Watch them on Open Source (probably Free as in Freedom) platforms such as TILVids/PeerTube and LBRY!


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I woke up and seen that one of my favourite content creator @thelinuxEXP has been BANNED from youtube!

That's why you have to use Odysee/LBRY.
I have a channel there too.

There is less than 2000 Single lines of code in suckless' dwm

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There are 1,152,960,944 lines of code in Debian bullseye. #ReleasingDebianBullseye

Après pas mal de temps avec sur mon téléphone personnel: le , je suis très fier de cette rom.

# Est-ce que le markdown est supporté ?

### Je sais pas

Ce serai cool si c'était le cas!

J'utilise maintenant. Un peu plus lent que firefox mais plus securisé. Et non, je ne vais pas utiliser chrome/chromium ou derivés, je préfère firefox (Il est très rapide

that is somewhat true (music : sonec teh hedehog 3 - carmival night zone)

Mais, je suis sur Linux ! 🤦‍♂️ Je crois qu'il faut que je fasse des modifications lol.

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