University: Please use MS Teams to lecture. We paid for it, and it's very enterprise.

Me: M'kay, let me try this. Some of these WebRTC based thingies are OK.

MS: No screen sharing for you. But video and audio work fine. Err. Audio works mostly. Please install our giant ball of Electron. It totally be better then the browser, because, uh, it's /our/ browser.

Me: oh ffs. Installs jitsi-meet on server.

Today: 1 screen sharer, 20 audio, text messages.
1G RSS ~800 kb/s


@bremner for teaching, I warmly recommend bigBlueButton, which have a lot of interesting features for classrooms ;)

@bremner yess, if you want an account on a running instance to test the features (it's in France though, audio may have a bit of latency), feel free to ask, since it's not as easy to install as a jitsi-meet

@vincib Thanks for the offer, but for this term I'll stick with jitsi-meet (only 3 lectures left). I'll have to see what makes sense (and what I can get away with) in the long term.


@bremner sure! Good luck for your lectures and have a nice day !

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