@aral on freedom and the Internet, Facebook & Google, their business model & the silion valley surveillance capitalism model.
Listen to him, now with French, English & German subtitles

Absolutely awesome speech. Clear and so convincing. The answer to the question, with comparison with real life was perfect.
I hope things move soon.
Will share with my non tech friends because it's so simply put I think this can work. Also the link to politic is probably what was missing till now.

@vincib @aral That talk was awesome and straight to the point, Aral, thanks a lot! How many and who (which kind of people) sat in the audience where you gave that speech?

@jotbe @vincib MEPs, MEP assistants and various other common parliament entities I believe. I looked pretty full from the stage; not sure about exact numbers, sorry.

@vincib Great! Many thanks to you for adding these subtitles in 3 languages!!!
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