So is there like a whole industry of people just cloning mastodon/pleroma/gnu/pixel fed social/

I mean if you give me 100k I’ll skin one of the above in like a month.

@angristan @debugninja It doesn't look like it's based on anything but it is reinventing the wheel. How'd they get Amnesty International onboard... Is that something I should have done? 😓


@Gargron @angristan @debugninja Hi eugen,
I don't see where Amnesty International is involved in this ... thing ...
can you point me somewhere I can find info about it? thanks!

@Gargron @angristan @debugninja
ok, saw that in the kickstarter page (around the middle of it vertically)
it seems that they tried to add as many logos as they can from misc ... things... to make it more visible ... Name dropping)
(I will contact friends at Amnesty though ;) to be sure )

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