From last week's walk. Colchicum autumnale, the English name is Autumn crocus though it isn't a crocus. In Dutch this is Herfsttijloos, meaning something like "autumn timeless" because it flowers in autumn and bears fruit in spring.

@wim_v12e Hi there, actually the flower on your pictures is a Crocus and not a Colchicum. This last one should have 6 stamen and a simple 3-pointed whitish stigmata, whereas your photo show only 3 stamen but more important a very bright multi-branched orange stigmata that is the sign it is clearly a Crocus. There are some fall flowering ones, less known than the spring flowering ones. If you are in western Europe I would suggest Crocus nudiflorus. And this is a very common mistake


@botaflo @wim_v12e @alice
Could this be a colchicum ? (Picture taken in Valais, Switzerland a few days ago)

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