Really happy that #Thunderbird seems to have a future. But why is in version 102 still #mbox the default storage format and not #maildir? #mozilla


@fabian because working on tb backend is *hard*. Maildir needs more testing and polishing, you can help by:
- testing it
- making bug reports
- switching to beta or nightlhies
- consolidate maildir related bugs.

I want maildir and sieve support. Sieve didn't happen while I was working on the project. Maildir 'died' when bienvenue left 10 years ago.

@usul i've been using maildir in TB for many many years and never run into any of the bugs (maybe I didn't notice, maybe I didn't try hard enough). I was simply surprised about its state. Now that I'm aware, let's see if I can contribute a bit.

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