If one follows the @fosdem mailing list, one might conclude I'm having a bad day. I'm not. I just hate political trolling.


@usul @fosdem If you don't wanna, don't do it. Not worth getting blood pressure up about.

@jens @fosdem I skept organizing Mozilla's dev room this year , Wanted he thing to be in person.

@usul Taking FOSDEM out, no need to spam.

Yeah, I hear you... I would love to get back to an in-person FOSDEM, but it's not as if that's a great choice still. February is going to be a tricky month for as long as covid remains.

I can't help but wonder if FOSDEM will transition to fully virtual, or move to some other season.

@jens @usul
Given that part of our staff is foreign (some even from outside of Europe due to BREXIT) we estimated that even getting all our staff in Belgium for a physical FOSDEM would be hard. After some long debates we decided to go virtual again despite most of us wishing it could be onsite again... but we just didn't see it happen -yet- in a normal fashion for 2022, in hindsight it was the right decision...


@fosdem @jens It's the right decision, wasn't asking about that. But It's way more interesting in person.

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