@DC7IA Hi! Is it a Yaesu FT817(ND)? I am still hesitating between FT817 and an Elecraft KX2 for my first HF transceiver. Not the same price but not the same performances...

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@tuxbzh @DC7IA Both are definitely good transceivers. Yes and I'm very happy with my FT-817ND.

@DC7IA Actually, I have just seen that Yaesu has just released the FT-818ND which is based on the 817ND with small improvements (TXCO, 6W, larger NiMH battery, 60m band (not yet authorized in France))

@tuxbzh @DC7IA Not much of a difference, yeah. What do you mean with "not yet authorized in France"?

@DC7IA The 60-meter band (5 MHz) is not yet authorized in France (there is still one last administrative decision missing; it should be done before the end of 2018). As usual, everything is long and complicated in France...

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