Long time overdue, a new version of Tooty has been deployed, fixing most of the compatibility issues with the Mastodon API v2.0.

Feedback would be much appreciated!

You can now navigate the media viewer using arrow keys and Esc, and post statuses using Ctrl + Enter.

If you're interested in sharing app settings between Tooty and the official Web client, giving your feedback on this issue greatly would help.


We've just deployed search. As always, your feedback is super appreciated!

debating whether using this as a new loading spinner or not

We finally fixed the black-screen bug after a successful authentication on Firefox.

New version deployed to production today: navigation in Tooty is now URL-based. Among other niceties, this allows bookmarking and sharing app links so state is properly restored, and most of all navigating back to the previous view 😊

As that was quite a large refactor, please report any bug you find!

If you tried Tooty but stopped using it, I'd love hearing your feedback about why 🙏

Don't forget Tooty is easy to self-host, as it's a fully static application. Just grab a zip from github, unpack and serve it over https, done.

Latest deployed version allows browsing a hashtag right from the Tooty UI! Refresh, click on one, profit.

The new version I've just deployed implements account muting and blocking.

Feedback wanted!

We're experimenting with a new status compose form layout. Tell us what you think!

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Tooty, le client Mastodon qui te fait automatiquement poster des jeux de mots pourraves.

On voit que @n1k0 et @vjousse sont aux commandes. Je parie qu'ils codent dans les vapeurs éthyliques d'un vin italien juste pour le plaisir de dire…

Tooty Chianti

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Layout has been updated to reduce padding between column and within status entries, to improve legibility and general balance, especially with smaller viewports.

Tell me what you think!

Large notification aggregates are now way more terse than before.

You can now view your favorites, and the 4th column has a new menu for switching between local timeline, global timeline, favorites and accounts.

We now also have confirmation prompts for toot deletion and account logout

New deployed version adds a Direct Messages filter.

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