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Quand te donne des conseils vestimentaires, ça donne ça ☺️

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There's now a French version of at:

It's still a work in progress so please do give feedback to its maintainer @albakham

Also, @marianom is working on an Italian version at: is licensed under Creative Commons By-SA 4.0 (, so if you want to create your own version of the site (or use it in derivative works) that's absolutely fine 👍

#SwitchingSocial #Alternatives

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Israeli espionage firm hacks WhatsApp. Can install spyware with missed call.

My advice: dump WhatsApp today and start using Wire ( Tell your friends and family to do the same. (It’s a simple, free download on all app stores. Easy to use, doesn’t require your phone number, and their business model is based on charging for commercial use and for pro accounts.)

You can find more alternatives on @switchingsocial (


Is there a way to add to or ? I’m trying to fix it for my ...

I even gave a chance to ...

But no results so far!

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Hello WordPress users,

Do you know sources of good privacy-friendly themes for WordPress? (i.e. without any trackers)

(It's possible to remove trackers manually, but this is a request for themes that respect privacy by default.)

#WordPress #Privacy

Bonjour @Mozilla,
C'est possible de faire du multi-comptes ? Afin de switcher facilement à la manière de Google Chrome

Hello Masto !
Vous avez confiance dans pour vos IDs et mots de passe ?

Vous avez des retours à me faire concernant les ? Ils marchent bien ? Content du produit en général ?

Des recommandations de clients email pour du multi-comptes et respectueux de la vie privée sur ?

Il y a un moyen pour gérer du multi-compte sur Sync ?

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