When the Optimus #keyboard was designed as an artistic render in 2005 (artlebedev.com/optimus/concept), it was just over the cutting edge of what was possible. But now one has been built, and it's expensive and impractical, but it exists.

What about a #keyboard with analog keys and force-feedback? You could emulate any kind of keyboard feel with it.

#ShowerThoughts it just occurred to me that video search on a PeerTube site could have a number of scope options, like local, community, global, meta.

#PeerTube #VideoSearch


When I saw the “Open Letter to Apache #OpenOffice” by #LibreOffice developers, I felt for them:

Two days later, this “answer” suggests that #Apache is actively trying to harm the development of a free “office suite”:


Performance of Elixir's System.get_env/0 Function 


At work I was debugging a performance issue in one of our Elixir applications and stumbled across the strange implementation of Elixir’s System.get_env/0 function. In this blog post I’ll show how it caused performance issues for the application I was debugging and I’ll also propose a better implementation of the function. I’ll conclude by explaining why the better implementation is not used yet.

#elixir #perf #programming

all the folks saying, "ah, see, everybody is unproductive. working from home is a failure," need to tell me how they are able to ignore the pandemic and fascism so well

j'étais dans les catacombes et cette fille elle a mis une poudre blanche sur le visage du jeune garçon qui dormait ! on ne peut plus sortir tranquille !

la "legba" se blesse sur son propre couteau

Design philosophy: do the right thing by default and make the dangerous stuff hard to do accidentally.

Linux philosophy: do the wrong thing that’s also a massive security hole by default and then ridicule the person using it for not knowing the twenty-six command-line options it takes to make it do the right thing securely.


> Usually, backups give you data redundancy. In this article I want to consider functionnal redundancy.

After a few months of testing, Adams 0.3.1 fullfills all my current devops needs.

Maybe I should remove the 'more viable alternatives' text in the description.


Results are flowing in for my unwind(8) request for data. :flan_aww: please keep them coming if you are collecting data and haven't submitted yet.
It's marginal, but it might be worth it to implement RFC 8806.

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