Hey, I didn't see but @mobilizon reached one more goal in its crowdfunding campaign! Looks like we'll get another ActivityPub-enabled tool here 🎉

Congrats @Framasoft!

How not to love @Framasoft ? The more funds they gather, the more money goes to the actual product. It feels to fund software rather than a Marketing and Legal department

Just got my @nextcloud stickers! Yes I couldn’t help but open it and slap some on my laptop before I took a picture

@tcit Tant qu’à traîner sur joinmobilizon, j’ai vu quelques oublis dans la traduction : il traine un « contributeur.ice » sous la barre de progression, et les légendes des maquettes sont en français. Beau boulot par ailleurs !
(Désolé si ça a déjà été corrigé, la 4G et le train à l’approche de Nantes ça ne fait pas bon ménage)

Want to comment a post on @pixelfed that does not yet appear in ?

Go to post page on PixelFed, copy the URL, and paste it in the search bar of Mastodon. Voilà !

Pro tip: it also works with videos

Linux 4.18 with a fully free software graphics stack on imx8 using .

Video courtesy of Purism's Guido Günther.

Early images of @Purism Librem 5's prototype OS are based on Debian testing. This means phones supported by mainline Linux can run it.

It is to be noted that Purism will focus on FSF-endorsed PureOS and RYF-certified hardware, and does not support non-free hardware. This is not the intended used of those dev images.

Here the Librem 5 developer images running on Xperia Z2. @opendata who ran it expects it to run on the Xperia Z2 tablet, Z3, Nexus 5 and probably @Fairphone 2 too.

Latest Librem 5 design to date.

The camera is a bit higher as compared to what was previously designed, and the Librem 5 branding is now on the side for discretion.

In the longer run, the Librem 5 will get fancier. The following mock represent the expected state of the shell shortly after launch:

- Lockscreen notifications-enabled
- Multi-tasking applications
- App drawer with a search function

Mocks from @tbernard's talk at 2018

At launch the Librem 5 will sport very basic features. The following mock represent the expected state of the shell:

- Lockscreen without notifications capabilities
- Single-tasking applications
- Basic apps drawer

Mocks from @tbernard's talk at 2018

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