A first try of @flyingpimonster's Camera app for @gnome on @PINE64's PinePhone

the interface looks really good, I can't wait to try it on a distribution that has working drivers for the camera!

Me: I'm going to do a release soon!

Also me: *open two more issues for that milestone every time I'm closing one*

Look 'ma, I can fetch parcels status now!

It only works with french carrier La Poste, crashes if the tracking number is not valid, crashes if the API could not be reached or if the carrier doesn't find that tracking number, and the parcels tracking is not persisted (restart the app = wipe all tracking).

But it's starting to take shape!

a delivery tracker for (maybe someday, but there's progress)

Parcel performs its first API call to french carrier La Poste !

This is an actual parcel from the real world. Its status has been fetched from the actual carrier.

It still has a lot of rough edges, but progress has been made 😁

So there is no database to retrieve elements from, and there is no API actually called, but at least all the plumbing is done!

This short video shows a simulation of Parcel handling the return call of an API for the tracking of three parcels.

Let's dig into the API calls now!

a delivery tracker for (maybe someday)

I had work to do so I started this instead. I will probably never make it useful enough for anyone to use it, but at least the project is started!

Knowing that @gnome is coming to mobile, mostly on @purism and @PINE64 smartphones, I wonder: would you, fedinaut, have interest into throwing money at someone to create a mobile-friendly GTK Mastodon client?

@dino is working with to make its client adaptive!

Probably at early stages of developement, but it definitely already look pretty and usable on mobile :)

Kudos to you for making Dino adaptive, guys!

Shortwave is a client to listen to internet radios, with a database over 25k radios. It is about to ship its first stable version!

How does it look like on mobile? Gorgeous already. Thanks a lot for the app @haeckerfelix!


Playing with the gestures in libhandy demo app. Look at how smooth it is!

Many thanks to @exalm in particular for all his work on gestures!

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Ever wanted to see what your app could look like on mobile? Grab @purism 's and open it in GNOME Builder. It will launch the demo app.

You can then play with the GTK widgets offered by libhandy, and change the window size to see how it looks like on desktop or on mobile.

It is feature-packed, try some gestures on a touchpad and you may be surprised!


Do you use ? Then you'll be able to manage your passwords on the with Password Safe, a beautiful frontend for .kbdx files, fully integrated with @gnome and already adaptive!


Grâce à @Framatophe et son essai "Affaires privées", je découvre via son éditeur C&F la licence "Édition Équitable", qui respecte les droits des lecteurs et prohibe les DRM.

Je précommande l'ePub immédiatement !


Yep that’s right, @wallabag for iOS is getting a new major release (5.0.0) as soon as Apple finished reviewing the app!

@fabrixxm released an early version of Confy, an app to get organized when visiting conferences.

This looks very promising, keep up the good work Fabio, I'd love to use it at next @fosdem on my !


This is what upstream @gnome Podcasts looks like in mobile view, with Adwaita-dark (don't tell the designers I use a dark theme for GTK!).

That's gorgeous, and I can't wait to get it on my 😍

Bien. Après avoir raté la première livraison pour aller faire les emplettes du nouvel an, me voici finalement équipé pour enlarger mon savoir.

Je suis en avance pour le mais je recommande vivement « Intelligences Artificielles - Miroirs de Nos Vies »

C’est une bande dessinée accessible à tous, même non initiés, qui démystifie les intelligences artificielles et leur rend leur statut d’outil.

Je suis preneur de références de bandes dessinées pédagogiques, explicatives, vulgarisatrices, tous domaines confondus ! Et comme d’habitude, repouets appréciés, et je ferai un récapitulatif 🙂

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