If you rely professionally on IRC, I'd love to hear about your usage!

What IRC networks do you connect to?
What communities are you in?
What do you love about it?
What are your gripes with it?

🔄 Boosts welcome, help me reach people out of my circles!

I currently don't use IRC professionally but I used to and likely will again.

Network: Libera and W3C for the pro-part but also a bunch of other networks.
Communities: ActivityPub and Elixir

The good parts:
- A lot of very reliable native clients
- Easy to write a bot for it
- Good staff

Double edged sword: IRC culture clashes with the one of instant answers and interrupt-based workflows

Meh parts: People are way too good at spawning in the wrong channel.

Makes sense, thanks for taking the time to answer @lanodan

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