If you rely professionally on IRC, I'd love to hear about your usage!

What IRC networks do you connect to?
What communities are you in?
What do you love about it?
What are your gripes with it?

🔄 Boosts welcome, help me reach people out of my circles!

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@thibaultamartin I'm connected to Libera and OFTC plus a few other servers. I interact mainly with the FOSS graphics, sourcehut and IRCv3 communities. I love the hackable clients and the simple protocol design. I don't like NickServ and the lack of good mobile clients (I'm trying to improve this via various IRCv3 extensions).

@thibaultamartin (For reference, I'm the maintainer of soju, gamja and

@emersion @thibaultamartin btw. regarding mobile clients, what do you think of Revolution IRC?

@wolf480pl @thibaultamartin it's alright, a bit crashy for me, and like all existing Android IRC clients doesn't support push notifications

I currently don't use IRC professionally but I used to and likely will again.

Network: Libera and W3C for the pro-part but also a bunch of other networks.
Communities: ActivityPub and Elixir

The good parts:
- A lot of very reliable native clients
- Easy to write a bot for it
- Good staff

Double edged sword: IRC culture clashes with the one of instant answers and interrupt-based workflows

Meh parts: People are way too good at spawning in the wrong channel.

Makes sense, thanks for taking the time to answer @lanodan


BonoboNET (

Community wise, a lot of networking folk such as users of the #Yggdrasil routing project, some casual chatter with some #i2p users and also on the #CRXN network (

What I love about it is the simplicity of setting up an IRC network, the software is mature and just works. Likewise the user experience is "no-bas", simple parameters to get connected, SASL works as expected and it can all be done via a simple text interface. Client support is huge, you can find a client you truly enjoy and secondly almost everyone knows how to use it or is willing too, user management is not hard and is really simple. It's very lean.

Gripes, I guess timeouts when they infrequently do occur and the lost messages between such times (I use a bouncer but such timeouts can annoy me), there is a backlog feature for IRC and perhaps on the future they could update qassel to request it after timeout occurred )at such a timestamp).
@thibaultamartin anytime, as a fellow FootFetishistDE user (GNOME user)* I am obliged to help
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