OK, look, I don’t believe I even have to say this but if you believe for even one moment that surveillance capitalist Google being a paid-up member of GNOME’s advisory board affects what GNOME does in any way, you are a tin-foil hat conspiracy theorist.

A corporation being on your organisation’s advisory board in no way affects what your organisation does. That’s why we call it an ADVISORY BOARD, people!

Seriously, what’s wrong with all of you?


If this is related to Ephy and Better, this is pure fabrication. It’s okay to not understand the relationship between the GNOME Foundation and the GNOME projects because they are pretty complicated, but please don’t spread misinformation.

If you want help to understand what GNOME is, how it works, and what funding affects, I can help.

That stance about a largely volunteer project is surprising from someone who run a non profit themselves @aral

@thibaultamartin @aral the best part is that the implication here is that Google (an ad company) would be paying GNOME to have Ephy block Google ads from Google's YouTube.

@exalm @thibaultamartin I’m sorry, I just read that the GNOME advisory board members affect the direction that GNOME takes (wiki.gnome.org/AdvisoryBoard/R). I was just going on what’s written there. I’d normally never suggest that taking money from a corporation to have them on your advisory board would ever affect what your organisation does or suggest that your organisation thinks that your advisory board member’s business model is in any way acceptable or legitimate.


@aral @exalm again, the Foundation funds exactly 0€ of Epiphany and has no saying over it. Please don’t be of bad faith to prove a point.

Let’s be constructive together. Harming alternatives is reinforcing the monopolies

@thibaultamartin @aral @exalm that's the point. if Google's money influences GNOME--which it absolutely does, let's not act like children who don't understand how the world works--then it is not an alternative.

which reinforces the monopolies.

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