At first, @matrix was "just" a modern alternative to IRC to talk on GNOME channels for me.

But the more I use it, the more I enjoy it. Having your own instance is really pleasant.

Of course not everyone is a systems administrator, let alone a competent one. There is a real need for small managed instances.

For people insterested, Element offers Element Home, a 10-person managed instance:

Alternatively, Etke offers to manage services for you:

If you know other providers, I'd be more than happy to hear about them!

@afranke my secret plot is to get a better view of all the providers so this page can be updated, but shhh 🤫

@thibaultamartin @afranke Would be nice to be able to rent matrix instances like E-Mail / Webhosting :D

@thibaultamartin @matrix

> Element Home, a 10-person managed instance

> Element Home gives you faster performance, five user accounts and a home to call your own!
> From just $10 per month.


@zbrown @matrix woops correct, I wrote that from memory. It’s ten dollars, not ten people!

@rimugu @matrix I self-host a synapse instance behind a traefik, using docker-compose. It works really well!

@thibaultamartin I would not recommend paying element or others to manage instances on your behalf bc then you're dependent upon them for impartial administration and they maintain control over your network @matrix
@matrix @thibaultamartin The amount of resources synapse eats is unholy, though. I have a database slightly smaller than the local supercluster.
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