I need a better Matrix client for day-to-day sitting in the background and being a chat app stuff. Weechat is great for IRC but I've never got weechat-matrix to work. I've tried to mess with the CSS on Element to get the information density (inverse of huge whitespace) up but I've just broken it really. Does anyone use Matrix and feel that their client does a good job of replicating IRC-like usage? That's the client I want.

@irl no, because that's not what i want from a chat client

there's a second weechat matrix thing now though, there's gomux, element has native experimental 'irc mode' options for density under 'appearance' now

@f0x I couldn't get the Python or Rust versions to work, probably because I was trying to do things with packages from Debian and they were too old to work with the stuff I was pulling from GitHub.

I'm using the "IRC mode" in Element but the room list is still ridiculous. If I have to scroll to see if there are new messages in a room when there's more whitespace than room text then it's failed at being a room list for me.

Gomucks looks interesting, not seen that before so I'll give that a go. Thanks!


@irl @f0x someone is working full time on Fractal, and we are expecting two GSoC on it as well.

We’d love to have the following view as well to reduce fear of missing out: gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/fractal

Of course it’s a GNOME app, so it’s not guaranteed to work it ran on another platform than GNOME 🙂

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