I have been working a lot lately on gtk4 rust bindings (with over than 180 commits in the last 2 months). There are still a lot of things to be done if we want the bindings to be in a very good shape (they are very usable though) by the release of gtk4.

If you would like to support the work I do to improve the Rust & GNOME <3, you can do so on liberapay.com/bielmoussaoui


@bilelmoussaoui has been doing incredible, awesome work not only on gtk-rs but for GNOME in general. We owe him several cool applications, and at least in part the ability to write GTK applications in Rust.

If you can support him, even by just buying him a coffe, please do!

Thanks for all the invisible work behind the scenes Bilal

@ikt @thibaultamartin aha, I didn't but I just made an account buymeacoffee.com/bilelmoussaou although I still have to get back and update the description :)

@bilelmoussaoui @thibaultamartin this is what I thought when you said "even by just buying him a coffe", all good! Keep up the good work :)

@ikt @bilelmoussaoui the point was more “even small donations can add up and make something bigger” 🙂

@thibaultamartin @bilelmoussaoui I 100% believe this, I wish more people would support open source, especially after reading this: feross.org/funding-experiment-

@ikt you’re going to like what’s coming in the next few months 👀


@bilelmoussaoui @thibaultamartin thank you for the software that I'm certain will soon be running on my pc :)

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