What FOSS application or service do you wish existed?

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@arran @sir

A framework to allow synchronisation between devices on a local network. Because why should I need “the cloud” to synchronise my agenda between my laptop and my phone which are in the very same room on the same WAN?

So in short: Bonsai, but production-ready


@thibaultamartin @arran @sir@cmpwn.com CouchDB is a mature generic json doc sync db

@jdaviescoates @arran @sir it’s a tad limited as compared to something like Bonsai.

I mean I want to start reading an ebook with Foliate on my laptop, synchronise it’s state with my phone, and continue reading on my phone exactly where I stopped on my laptop.

Or synchronise RSS feeds reading state without relying on Nextcloud.

Or podcasts.

@thibaultamartin @jdaviescoates @arran @sir I have been fantasizing about sync tool/library that can keep tabs on any kind of feed (RSS, Atom, podcasts etc) and that stores the data in a decentralization manner, ie IPFS, DAT or something similar. It should not sync the content itself, only the metadata of each devices state. The list of podcasts you subscribe to, which episode/article is read and the timestamp.

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