We need a cultural shift in libre software, we need to name things and quit talking of "developers".

We need:
- Designers to think of how the project can elegantly solve actual problems
- Devs to share technical feasibility and make the software
- Translators so anyone can use it
- A feedback team to protect devs & designers from harrassment and show progress
- A community to use the project, give feedback, accept their opinion is not universal, and pay for what it uses. Everyone needs to eat.

> Translators so anyone can use it

That might take more than translators, right? I'm thinking of accesibility people

@danipozo Definitely. Unfortunately, the number of characters per toot is quite limited.

There are many more entites involved in a successful project

@davidak That may happen in a more or less distant future 🙂

@thibaultamartin And an accessibility team to make sure *everyone* can use it, and not just the 95% who are lucky enough to not have a disability.

@thibaultamartin Trying to divide people in to groups by role/responsibility is one approach.

Personally though, I prefer to just think of people as *contributors*, and there are many different ways that people can contribute.

I agree that having people contribute to translating the software, thinking about the design and implementing/bugfixing are all important. But trying to improve things by dividing people by "role" could be counter-productive.

@cbaines Of course this is a model in a limited number of characters to shed light on the fact that a useful project does not rely exclusively on technical skills.

The strength of libre software is the ability to have smooth interactions between those roles

@thibaultamartin sometimes it seems to me that what we need the most is the psychologists

@thibaultamartin There will always be developers for libre software projects but most of the time they should be called under the contributor/maintainer umbrella.
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