If you're a developer and not an english native speaker, which language do you use for your development tools?

Please don't answer if you're a native english speaker, not to bias the results. Boosts appreciated :)

@thibaultamartin I use literally no tech products in my native language.

@albin This.
And I always react shocked if something pops up in my native language.

@thibaultamartin Usually I use the english version because the terms are more searchable, and it's usually more documented

@thibaultamartin my language has dialects that are spoken by more people than some European languages. But general state of translation is abysmal, default font in most places are ugly and most developers understand English good enough that there is no incentive to change things. Oh well, C'est la vie

@thibaultamartin generally I use English, because mostly native translation is too clunky or nonexistent. So, to decrease language switch, I use English 😁

@thibaultamartin I miss Denglish. Germans speak the language of their master but badly. ;-)

@thibaultamartin My language is often not supported, but when it is, I use it.

@alva @thibaultamartin I absented voting literally because of this. All of the development tools I came across didn't have Spanish as the default language and if there was a way to change the language, I didn't bother to find how. But I'm sure that most of these didn't support Spanish to begin with.

@Genstar @alva @thibaultamartin Spanish, really? Wow. I'd think that'd be the /most/ supported besides English. *blinks*

@IceWolf @alva @thibaultamartin I mean, things like LibreOffice and some regular user stuff totally get it. But dev tools like Emacs and Python? Still in English.

@IceWolf @alva @thibaultamartin I'm just guessing because these tools cannot automatically detect the language my OS is set in or something to be fair. (tho that's not an excuse for Qt Creator to be in English by default, that is a fully blown GUI devkit)

@Genstar @alva @thibaultamartin No, no, there's totally an environment variable they can use for that.

They just don't.

[Programming /languages/, redesigning it for other languages would be kind of a mess. But Emacs and Qt Creator have no excuse.]

@IceWolf About Python, I'm not talking about the programming language but about the shell messages mainly.

Messages like

Type "help", "copyright", "credits" or "license" for more information.


Use quit() or Ctrl-D (i.e. EOF) to exit

@thibaultamartin I'm personally not a developer, but if I was I'd use English instead of german

@thibaultamartin I'm commenting not voting because English is one of my native languages. I use both French and English development tools, in a chaotic mix.

@thibaultamartin I suppose you’re talking about tools I use, not the one I develop?

My system’s in French so any tool that has a French translation uses it, but lots of tools don’t have a French translation (or any translation, except original strings in English).

So I answered English, but I didn’t chose to use this language, as your question imply.

@kameleonidas @thibaultamartin LANG=C

I use tools in my native language because it’s easier to understand. If I really need to search, I reproduce the error with an english locale.

@thibaultamartin when possible I switch the software I use to French.

long toot 

@thibaultamartin I prefer english, even though I always get asked why I don't switch to german.


I do not want my computer to speak the same language as Trump 😂

I prefer my native language is all situations.

@thibaultamartin Tacking a remind-yourself poll on here, maybe a day after this ends, for all us English-speaking critters out there!

@thibaultamartin English. Nobody who speak my native language use it in programming/tech.

But, I always try to use simplified English as much as possible.

@thibaultamartin As a native German speaker, I still prefer English. Many terms like „Request“, „Stage“ or „event loop“ just sound strange when translated into German.

@thibaultamartin I use Esperanto, which is not my native language. Most tools are quite well translated these days.

@thibaultamartin Depending on how your question is oriented, I have two answers.

For the dev tools, clearly English. For a web UI or something along those lines, I stick with French, my native language.

Even moved from DE to a US keyboard layout because quotes, slashes and # are placed at more coding-friendly locations.
@ultem @thibaultamartin AZERTY and Lisp are truly a blessed combination, with the unshifted parentheses and ;

@thibaultamartin I don't use any software in Polish. Translations often are simply very bad and it's a pain to google how to fix things

@thibaultamartin Is there any development tool in other language than English? 🤔

@thibaultamartin usually English.

I use Russian at job because it's easier for everyone and code is not exported anywhere.


Not a dev, but tools/program in my language, if they got translated, it is usually done poorly. So I use English instead.

@thibaultamartin native language keyboard shortcuts and braces/parens/symbol placements just suck. A en-us keyboard removed that friction for me. Same for the language, english removes friction when I need to talk tools with colleagues from Poland, India, France, Germany... having to translate the conversation in a native-language interface would slow me down (also for creating documentation - if the docs are in english, the UI should be, too).

@thibaultamartin I also use English keyboard layouts on all machines, even if some keyboards are physically my native German.

@thibaultamartin It depends if the code/tools will be used for more people (specially if they're not from where I am), I cannot really get it down to 0 or 1...

@thibaultamartin It's a mix of habit and terrible translations. My mother tongue is Turkish, and I know Italian well, and can read other romance languages alright. Haven't encountered a decent enough translation in any yet.

Also, if everybody uses English (or any other language, for that matter), then we can share information very easily. IMHo, _a_ language barrier is better than an innumerable number if language barriers, at least within the technical world.

@thibaultamartin my whole system runs in en_US.UTF-8 whereas being a native de_DE.UTF-8...

@thibaultamartin My native tongue is Norwegian, but all my tech is in English (except for shitty tools which automatically determine your language based on your IP address with no way to change it).

@thibaultamartin I'm not a developer, just program for fun, but my dad is and he uses English as well, so I voted for that. I didn't even know there were options for other languages.

@thibaultamartin I am Dutch, so half a native English speaker. ;-)

English is better because translations are often confusing (being used to English for most software). Plus English makes searching for solutions easier.

@thibaultamartin that depends, if I can chose English, but at work the native language is sometimes required

@thibaultamartin From the (mostly expected) result raises another question to those who prefer their native tongue or at least not-english.

Which language do you like or prefer to use over english?

Could become a follow-up poll.

@thibaultamartin English, because the quality of online help (documentation, Stack Overflow, Wikipedia) tends to be considerably greater in English.

Sometimes the customer has already set up (part of) the toolchain in Dutch. If the software is open source, that is OK-ish, because it generally means I can search the .po files for the English strings.

@thibaultamartin not a fair question - spanish, french, german, russian, portuguese, chinese, etc. have muuuuch bigger communities than slovak, hungarian, serbian, etc.. if there's a sufficiently big community, there's more literature, forums and more CS work coming from it, so you are less reliant on global english to communicate..

@thibaultamartin Development tools usually aren't available in my language 😅

@thibaultamartin seeing this close made me realize there's a strong bias towards those who speak English because the question is in English. Don't jump to any conclusions over it ;)

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