Whats apps are you excited to run on the Librem 5?

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@purism something like F-Droid from Android so I can get all things exclusively free software and secure. Other than that, of course Telegram, KDE Connect, something like KDE KOrganizer, handy notes like ColorNote, and good program for typing documents. I also would love Orbots and GNU Icecat. I use such programs a lot.

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@ademalsasa I think you may be interested by @purism latest blog post.

It's not Icecat, but Firefox is starting to look okay-ish on the . Icecat being a stripped down of Firefox ESR, I bet you can get it running on the phone too.


@thibaultamartin thi Thibauilt, thank you, this is awesome. Yes I am interested in everything about Librem and PureOS. I would be very happy to learn more about it.


#purism #librem5 #pureos #firefox #icecat #browser

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