I'm caving and buying an e-reader from Kobo. I miss reading but physical books are too much to deal with at the moment 😞

@amolith I truly recommend the koreader UI, which allows among other to connect to your Nextcloud account or synchronise with your Wallabag. It works like a charm on mine!


@thibaultamartin So you can use different themes and UIs for Kobo e-readers that add additional functionality?

@amolith exactly :)

Nickel is the built in UI from Kobo, and Koreader is a community one

@thibaultamartin This purchase seems smarter and smarter the more I hear about it :thonking:

@amolith Kobo was the best brand I could find when I bought an e-reader. I'm pretty satisfied with my Aura One :)

Kindle was the worst, by far, given it prevents you from loading your legally acquired ebooks when they are in the standard ePub format.

@thibaultamartin I would *love* to get the Aura One but it's so expensive 😢

@thibaultamartin Well . . . I'm looking more into it and comparing it with the Clara HD and it's really compelling, the larger screen especially. Kobo declined my payment with Privacy.com (not really a surprise) so I have the money back; I'm really considering waiting a bit and buying the Aura One. Would you say it's worth it?


@amolith I definitely love my Aura One, especially with KOReader.

In the morning I synchronise my @wallabag with my e-reader, I may download a new ePub from my @nextcloud instance, and I’m good to go.

The battery lasts very long (a week or two with my usage, approx 2h of reading a day).

Maybe try a second hand?

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