Hey @fribbledom, how does @beehive compare to Huginn? Do you address the same problem? I'd say yes but I'd like your opinion :)

@thibaultamartin @fribbledom

Yeah, I'd say we try to tackle the same problem, maybe from a slightly different perspective.

Obviously I'm biased, but while Huginn still is the more complete & mature project, Beehive is probably a lot easier to deploy, extend and the templating language behind it makes it incredibly flexible.

@beehive @fribbledom good to hear, thanks!

I found Beehive to be more active and more complete in terms of hives than Huginn in terms of agents. How do you find it more complete?

@thibaultamartin @fribbledom

Yeah, Beehive is super easy to extend and write new hives for. Sadly the admin interface is still lacking, as the chains could do a lot more than we can currently expose in the UI. Huginn is a little more polished in that regard.

Work in progress, though!

@beehive @fribbledom thanks for your answers! And thanks for releasing your software under a Libre licence :)

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