I really like how @Framasoft handles Libre software funding. Crowdfunding campaigns allow to contribute when you can’t code, and having a non-profit such as them behind is a good guarantee that you will actually get something worth it at the end of the campaign.

I’d love to see you becoming one of the top employers of Libre software developers, although I know you want to keep the “small team of friends” kind of structure :)

@thibaultamartin That is so nice, thank you!

Indeed we still want to keep our "small team of friends" structure, as it allows us to work (developpers and non-developpers) in a very carefull environment, that is both nurturing for us and for what we do.

But I (Pouhiou, here) dream of taking time to document how we've built Framasoft, our dynamic, our relationship to people, and such a work environment... If it could inspire others, it would be great...

One day, i **will** take this time...

@Framasoft If I can be of any help with it, feel free to reach me :)

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