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Thibault @thibaultamartin

Hey @Liberapay, do you plan to support bounties? It would be nice if several of us could pay for a feature we'd like to see implemented in Libre software 🙂

As an example, I'd like to see WebExtensions support in @gnome Web, and I bet a paid bounty would help finding people to implement it

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@thibaultamartin @gnome No. In our opinion bounties are a flawed approach to funding libre software.

@Liberapay I am (genuinely, no irony) interested in why you consider it flawed

@thibaultamartin @Liberapay
I agree. In many libre softwares there are governance problems, because it is often a bunch of developers (if it's not one) who decide the whole development strategy.
Bounties are a way to let the users show their interest and fund a feature they would like to see, in order to increase chances to make it happen and in some way, take part in the project.