In the name of efficiency, profits will be concentrated in fewer and fewer hands while waste gets concentrated into more and more toxic forms to be dumped on rural communities.

Abe Voelker −

It will be interesting what happens to VM's and Containers in the future. Are these things going to be preserved and displayed like a "brain-in-a-jar"? Will people in the future marvel at our convoluted code from 2020, our turgid (but quaint) frameworks. Will our API's be comparable to crazy victorian contraptions?

crispyambulance −

When you need the energy, it's too late to make the equipment/house more efficient, and when you don't need it, people don't think it's important to make it more efficient.

supernova87a −

“If you read the document we expect nobody to read, you’d know that you sold your soul to us. We didn’t mean for you to find that out but one of our salespeople got overeager and tried to sell you your soul back. He will be reprimanded. Can we all forget about this real quick?”

Igor Partola −

When we talk about successful founders, we’re rarely talking about the people who have built long term businesses, and made the successful transition from being a startup, to being an healthy [...] company. For the most part, we’re talking about pump and dump high growth, media and VC darlings. The ideal is no longer the driven creator, [...]. It’s the founder as a personality who has sold their product, their company, and ultimately themselves.

Joan Westenberg -

Encore un peu :

[...] There's a highly-trained, highly-paid UX organization at Amazon that is actively working to deceive, exploit, and harm their users

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"We're lying to our users," one anguished UX designer told me, explaining that leadership regularly ordered the UX team to create designs that were intentionally misleading. Apparently it helped boost profits.

Mark Hurst -

> I expect our global supply chain to collapse before we reach 2030. With this collapse, we won't be able to produce most of our electronics because their production depends on a very complex supply chain that we won't be able to achieve again for decades (ever?).

Virgil Dupras -

Oh yeah? If the cloud isn't a destination, why is moving to the cloud being sold as a journey? Eh? Eh?

> being sold as
The answer is in the question.

faalforce and Angdrambor -

Tracking a group of 1,000 people to cater bad political ads isn't meaningfully better than targeting 1,000 individuals with bad political ads.

Jacob Weisz -

So, with an internet connection faster than I could have thought possible in the late 1990s, what’s the score now? A story at the Hill took over nine seconds to load; at Politico, seventeen seconds; at CNN, over thirty seconds. This is the bullshit web.

Nick Heer. -

Can never stand it when a government steps in between two individuals enriching their shared human experience in a way that harms no one else.

Fuck. That. Shit. May the culture of human independence and individual freedom win over this authoritarian bullshit.

renewiltord -

Tracking the health of the unborn and women is certainly not new, yet with the use of pregnancy apps, this surveillance and tracking has reached a new level. These apps are enabling a situation whereby corporations have access to a grab bag of personal data on the unborn, including not only health markers like weight and heart rate, but also cultural background, the parents’ thoughts, family ties, and family medical history, to name a few.

Veronica Barassi -

En fait je crois que chaque phrase de l'article correspondrait carrément à l'esprit de ce compte donc je vais m'arrêter là.

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Encore un peu :

Some people say "I have nothing to hide, I don't care" which is essentialy ignoring basic human right and making this right worthless to you and very precious to others. We are already living in Cyberpunk era and the world is starting to be led by big organizations rather than governments so let's try to prepare ourselves and start to care about our data.

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You should already know how big tech companies like Google or Facebook are using your private data to make revenue from targeted ads (and sometimes maybe sell it under the hood without your knowledge). There is no secret about data being the most valuable asset on earth now - even exceeding the oil.

Michal Jach -

Encore un peu :

Why does code become spaghetti code over time? Because of entropy — everything in the universe eventually becomes disorganized, chaotic.

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So, what is human flesh search? The term derives from a literal translation of its original Chinese root 人肉搜索, which refers to searches that are conducted with help from human users (as opposed to on a purely automated plat-form, such as Google), often targeted at finding the identity of a human being.

Fei-Yue Wang or Daniel Zeng or James A. Hendler or Qingpeng Zhang, or Zhuo Feng, or Yanqing Gao or Hui Wang or Guanpi Lai -

They’ve spent nearly 18 months digging through Toyota code. They’ve described the Toyota codebase as “spaghetti code” — a programmer lingo for tangled mess of code.

Ilya Suzdalnitski -

The "secret" Apple OSK string is widely available on the Internet. It is also included in a public court document available here. I am not a lawyer but it seems that Apple's attempt(s) to get the OSK string treated as a trade secret did not work out. Due to these reasons, the OSK string is freely included in this repository.

Dhiru Kholia -

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