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Encore un peu :

All stakeholders. You can't just create value for the user: that's a charity. You also can't just create value for your company: that's a scam.

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And hundreds of clinical trials have examined the effectiveness of painkillers. So why can't I Google those results?

Tom Cleveland -

As a single consumer in a vast ocean I don't think my opinions will ever be listened to. Right now it's worth putting up with this crap as the benefits outweigh the cost but if it gets any worse I'll be unsubscribing.

jjbinx007 -

The author is right when he says "coding is still too damn hard for beginners." That's because he's been led to believe he needs to install Node to join the "code club." Contemporary professional web development (as practiced by members of "the code club") is madness.

Daniel Kehoe -

If the author has “been playing with the web and code for years” and is still “wtf” on /usr/local/bin in $PATH it shows a lack of discipline and structure in their learning.

I see this in many in many of my apprentices - the desire for instant gratification and the lack of experience means they refuse to do anything that doesn’t immediately proceed them closer to their goal.

malux85 -

People hate command lines - not only do they LOOK scary, they give weird unhelpful error messages and… you have to type everything. Ugh.

Tom Critchlow -

The World Wide Web is a broken system, populated with broken computers on broken networks, running broken software written by broken people.

Steve Lord -

“With the development of GPS controlled drones, far-reaching cheap radio equipment and tiny new computers like the Raspberry Pi, we’re going to experiment with sending out some small drones that will float some kilometers up in the air,” The Pirate Bay says. This would, of course, be the first true example of cloud computing — and a whole new spin on the meaning of “pirate radio.”

Sebastian Anthony -

Over the years, Kolmisoppi and The Pirate Bay crew explored no limit of strategies to keep its servers operational and out of the reach of law enforcement and the entertainment industry, even when that meant hiding them in caves and submarines, or even using low-orbit drones to redirect users to hidden regional servers hosting torrent indexes and trackers.

Karl Bode -

Let's say you were Google and to "help" people, you were going to "login on their behalf" to "index and organize" their info. No need to obtain consent, just fake a login and scrape away.

The rest of us can replace with quoted words with 'exploit', 'hack', and 'sell their personal info on the market to the highest bidder' but when Google does it, its ok.

Jonathan S. Fisher -

And with it, I now have access to every single Google service that was ever, [...] accessible from a mobile device, as the target user’s account. A single POST call allows me to masquerade as an official Google app [...]. I can read all of their emails, browse their Google Drive, access backups of their phone, and look through their Google Photos, while checking their browser history and messaging their friends on Google Messenger.

Ethan Elshyeb -

As your weaknesses are mapped, you become increasingly transparent. This leads to self-censorship, conformity, risk-aversion, and social rigidity becoming normal. No longer is data a matter of simple credit scores.

John Messerly -

Tijmen Schep -

Here technology itself will return to the forefront: if the priority for an increasing number of citizens, companies, and countries is to escape centralization, then the answer will not be competing centralized entities, but rather a return to open protocols.

Ben Thompson -

I have always been a critical proponent of the internet and everything it has brought, and broadly considered it to be emancipatory and beneficial. I state this at the outset because thinking through the implications of the problem I am going to describe troubles my own assumptions and prejudices in significant ways.

James Bridle -

To be honest, I felt a lot of pride in using Linux for one of its classic purposes: repurposing otherwise-unusable devices. This iPhone would never be able to boot iOS again, as its nvme nand is completely dead. Yet, it boots Linux and mounts a filesystem over USB ethernet no problem!

newhacker1746 -

Magazines and newspapers are full of articles telling people to buy stocks, real estate etc. at present bargain prices. They say that times are sure to get better and that many big fortunes have been built this way. The trouble is that nobody has any money.

Benjamin Roth (in his diary in 1931) -

Much of the software on the market is designed by people living on the grid with unlimited access to internet. Tools locking up at sea, asking for a connection to continue working don’t float on a boat. Adobe products are a good example, as they require an internet connection periodically for subscription validation.

Rekka Bell -

Blërg solves these problems by applying absurd reactionary engineering. Blërg's database backend is a custom C program that handles requests over HTTP and stores data in a very small and efficient indexed log-structured database. The frontend is done entirely in client-side Javascript. A single post can be up to 65535 bytes in length.

bytex64 -

Encore un peu :

Our entire society boils down to one measure: profit. We are being eaten alive by capitalism. Americans have been brainwashed into a national ethos which is defined by capitalism. In the relentless pursuit of profits, we have eroded all political and social freedoms and created a system defined by its remarkable cruelty in a time when we have access to greater wealth and resources than at any other time in history.

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We are politically destitute. Profits again drive everything — in the United States, Citizens United gave corporations unfettered access to buy and sell political will, and in the time since they have successfully installed politicians favorable to the elite class. Our corporations possess obscene wealth, coffers that rival those of nation-states, and rule over our people via their proxies in political office.

Drew DeVault -

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