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Les smartphones avec des systèmes plus ou moins fermés à base d’Android ou d’iOS ne me font pas envie donc, jusqu’à présent, j’ai préféré faire sans et espérer une alternative qui saurait me plaire.

Purism avait commencé à me faire rêver avec son Librem 5 mais j’ai vite déchanté en voyant le prix de l’appareil : un tel coût n’est pas justifié par mon utilisation.

Isabelle Lepage -

The question about privacy is not about hiding, it is about sharing. It is not that I have nothing to hide, I just do not have anything I want to share, especially unknowingly.

Freddy -

In the digital world, though, persuasion architectures can be built at the scale of billions and they can target, infer, understand and be deployed at individuals one by one by figuring out your weaknesses, and they can be sent to everyone's phone private screen, so it's not visible to us. And that's different. And that's just one of the basic things that artificial intelligence can do.

Zeynep Tufekci -

The Internet Report Health 2019 offers us a reminder that half of the world is already connected to the Internet. Which means over 4 billion people. But we could also turn that on its head and think that – three decades following the creation of the Internet – only half of the world is connected. What happens to all the people who are unconnected? How do they relate with each other, communicate, work or entertain themselves?

Karma Peiró -

It was 4 a.m. when 16-year-old Yoo Chae-rin realized she had been on her phone for 13 hours. In less than three hours, she had to be up for school.
The South Korean high school student knew she had a problem, so she enrolled in a government-run camp for teenagers who can't put their phones down.

Sophie Jeong -

“You start doing things that are dishonest,” says Amanuel, who quit social media aged 16. “Like Instagram: I was presenting this dishonest version of myself, on a platform where most people were presenting dishonest versions of themselves.”


I paid to do one job: host my blog. And one day I looked at its sources and Lighthouse scores:
[lots and lots of js and poor score on lighthouse]
What have we done?

Steren Giannini -

Each year, we purchase between 160 and 200 million laptops. Using the data above, this means that the production of laptops requires a yearly energy consumption of 480 to 868 petajoules, which corresponds to between one quarter and almost half of all solar PV energy produced worldwide in 2018 (2,023 petajoules).

Kris De Decker -

Unencrypted websites are treated as relics of the past with browsers declaring them toxic waste not to be touched (or even looked at) and search engines de-prioritizing their content.

joshua stein -

When you add company ownership to the mix, WhatsApp is owned by fucking Facebook. Let that sear in your mind.



The crucial difference is that in my life everyone is on WhatsApp, and no one is on any of the other IMs. That is the difference.

apexalpha -

A 70mb+ Text Editor program that adds itself to auto-start and requires you to create an online account before accessing files. This is fine.

Steve Lord -

Nous pouvons utiliser les informations qu'elles nous envoient, et elles peuvent utiliser les informations que nous leur transmettons, afin de nous aider à exploiter, fournir, améliorer, comprendre, personnaliser, prendre en charge et commercialiser nos Services et leurs offres, y compris les produits des entités Facebook.

Politique de confidentialité de WhatsApp -

Encore un morceau :

In this story, straight from the weird world of LinkedIn, people use Skype in 2020, hiring managers give unsolicited feedback on performance at the end of an interview, and contracts are flourished and signed immediately. Readers get everything they would ever want out of a story in under 250 words: conflict, a tragic confessional, a change of heart, a happy ending, and a valuable lesson on how to .

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very platform has its royalty. On Instagram it's influencers, foodies, and photographers. Twitter belongs to the founders, journalists, celebrities, and comedians. On LinkedIn, it’s hiring managers, recruiters, and business owners who hold power on the platform and have the ear of the people. The depravity of a platform where HR Managers are the rockstars speaks for itself.

Fadeke Adegbuyi -

Still, I'm pretty convinced now that [Google's] continued existence is a catastrophe not only for public safety, but also for the environment, gender equity, the economy, fair labour practices, privacy, journalism, democracy, race relations, and the project of civilization itself.

Kira McLean -

Do you wear a Google Watch? Do you track your health in any of the iOS apps? What happens in a world where health official establish a set of health indicators (e.g., high fever, heart beat, etc..) that are indicative of disease.

What happens in a world where governments enforce their control and take control of systems, for the greater good. Have we seen this happen anywhere?

Tony Perez -

If you use one of the many platforms that want to lock you in and eat all your data, that’s your choice. But you don’t have to. Is it that the open minded consumer is dying?

mmaunder -

And that's how your user experience slowly degrades, and that's why we stand to suffer as users if we give up the ability to remix software that the web brought us and closed apps are now taking away.

Abhinav Sharma -

However, as long as the reader spends those five minutes looking at the page—and more importantly, the ads that are placed on it—then mission accomplished. This is where the SEOification of the internet has brought us, and it fucking sucks.

Nick Slater -

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