🎉Free content resources🎉 :

👉 unsplash.com (Unsplash license)
👉 pexels.com (Pexels license)

👉 coverr.co (Coverr license)

👉 undraw.co (MIT)
👉 freeillustrated.com (CC0)

👉 feathericons.com (MIT)
👉 boxicons.com (CC 4.0/OFL-1.1)

@theotix It's free but you can't choose your license… not my way.

@lordphoenix What do you mean by "choose your licence"?

@theotix I will never upload my pics or any of my work on a service where I can't choose the license I want…

Archive.org also has a lot of free content (audio, video, image). One of my favorite bands, Boards of Canada, actually used an old movie from archive.org in one of their videos.

Stop boosting this toot, I can’t even read my mentions in peace :D

@theotix you can mute the notifications for that one toot. :) (at ... menu for that toot, "mute conversation") :)

@theotix Sadly at least partly only free as in free beer, not as in free speech…
Additional Services:
openclipart.org (Vector, CC0)
pixabay.com (Images, CC0)
and partly flicker (Images, Search can be limited to CC-Licenses)

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