I'm moving my fediverse account! Follow me at @james - a new instance hosted on an unstable server in a friend's basement that will almost certainly have unexpected downtime and become a major issue in the future. It'll be so much fun!

docker is just raspberry pi for people with commitment issues

never, never in my entire life have I seen an IDE which runs spellcheck on code. DataGrip is cursed.

hey look, the least sketchy ad I've ever seen

"Login to Your Account"

It's too easy to let rightful criticism of corporations, military contractors, and unethical uses of technology cloud the fact that there's a tremendous amount of good that comes from tech.

I've often maintained that computers and technology have been a *net* good for our society.

Roger Ebert's talk about using computer voice synthesis and the Internet to continue to speak after losing his voice to cancer is a stark reminder of that.


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