My contribution to the mastodon universe: a directory of mastodon users, with username, display name and bio. Search 55,000+ users from 600+ instances on (still work in progress, might crash anytime)

@symac Impressive.

My account shows up, but so does an apparently identical account @[email protected] with the same bio, userpic, etc.

This seems to be in error.

@cphuntington97 @Social yes, I had noticed that for some accounts but had forgotten to fix it, thanks for the reminder :) Will have a look.

@symac Great job , work for #ostatus account too, maybe only of someone on mastodon are linked too !gnusocial

@symac some people already thought about this feature and there are arguments against it.

Please read

@symac for #gnusocial : followers and folliwng still at 0. Maybe someone from !gnusocial can help if you publish the source :)

@symac Great job! :thumbsup:
Do you plan to open source your project?
I wish I could use some web services of your user directory from my Mastodon client app: autocomplete could be implemented using your directory.
What do you think about it?

@Alexandre_Roman that might be an option, I won't have much time to work on it during the next two weeks but feel free to reach me again after that if I have forgotten about it.

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