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My landlord now wants the rent to be made on the 1st day of each month instead of on the 3rd week. She sent me the text message at 10pm and it's February 28. 🙄

Now that it is more sunny ☀️ I'll be walking more and more from my place to Paris and just remembering to make the most of my time here! Just going around looking at apartments in Berlin for mid this year...

Had a very nice walk out to a market nearby. Had a slice of handmade pizza with chevre cheese and a cannoli, again with chevre cheese! Little moments of good food with some 🇮🇹 and 🇫🇷

Ah one less daily stress source in my life with this. Now I just need to address the other daily stress source...

Decided not to go to this rooftop terrace event in the afternoon, have this fear that the 3 hour event is all in French, it takes me about two hours to and from so that's 5 hours wasted.

What do French women do in their spare time when they hire all these au pairs/nannies? One would think that France has great benefits for mothers/those on maternity leave so less need to have two income households.

Definitely a bad day, starting with the flatmate not cleaning the shower with clogged pipes. And now I had to go to the pharmacy to grab a couple of things and to top it off, I realized that I have cuts on my fingers and I'm not sure why this is the case...

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Interesting differences on a French migrant to Australia (the title refers to him as an 'expat' but considering how he's been living in Australia for 7 years and just applied to become a citizen....)

@superruserr oh no go to the sun in the park and lay on a bench and feed the doves do not be feary

This might be the third time I need to see a doctor here in Paris. Which is crazy, considering how I saw a doctor 0 times in 1.5 years.

Je suis allée me ​​promener dans Bastille et j'ai achetée gateau le noisette, fromage, et manger de asiatique. 🌏 🧀 🍰 🇫🇷

@Phigger @superruserr It's not permeated very large parts of the population I'd say :) It even has a wikipedia page:

Talking about French with my flatmate: Apparently there is a French language trend since the 2000s) to invert some words. For example, femme becomes emmef.

There is also apparently another trend to say the last letters of the word (since last year) ie 'femm' becomes 'femm-eh'.


I have been eating all sorts of 🇫🇷 French snacks and so far I like the chevre et fromage crisps and Michel et Augustin petit beurre biscuits avec gorgonzola etc. The gaufrettes with the cheese and crêpettes (Carrefour brands) are a bit questionable.

What is concerning is that I am not making enough that things had become a negative output last month...

Next weekend I will endeavour to go somewhere in Paris city. And when I choose my hours for the German/French language learning marathon from Feb 20 to March 21, I'll make sure to have two weekends doing my classes early morning and late at night, to allow me to do an overnight trip somewhere in France without worrying about Internet connection at the hotel.
Essentially I have 3-4 months left in Paris and the weather is getting better too.

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