J'acheté une gâteau au fromage blanc sur les marché. Je veux mange avec un café (au lait d'amande)..

Note to self before I leave : Go to this amazing Van Gogh museum atelier-lumieres.com/fr/exposi

The l'Atelier des Lumieres, or Workshop of the Lights, museum in Paris is adding a new dimension to its new Vincent Van Gogh display....

Avait mes ongles fait dans un salon du ongles. Aujourd'hui, je suis allée à Bonne Nouvelle pour participer à une petite Meetup à Welcome to the Jungle. Puis un leçon de français et plus tard à 22h un leçon d'allemand.

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J'ai visité le Musée Antoine Wiertz. J'ai aussi mangé du chocolat belge et acheté des masques soins du visage chez 'ICI Paris'

Jan 19 & 20 - In and about

Photograph of two entrances to Palais du Tau and Palais Archi-Episcopal

Facade of Reims Cathedral en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reims_Ca (notice in the second photo what looks like canines running in slow motion)

A meal I had at a brasserie - it was really good! And a lot of window displays featuring champagne as this is set in a famous champagne producing region in en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reims#Wi

Dimanche: Cité de l'architecture et du patrimoine on Place du Trocadéro 🇫🇷 (3/3)

Le Crac de Chevaliers
Link: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Krak_des

They have an interesting exhibits with photography, architecture models, samples of literature, and plaster casts of a castle from the Crusades era. This captured my imagination, ie an 1861 book published encouraging travellers visiting on route 104 from Tripoli to Hamas and Homs to check out Cras des Chevaliers.

So interesting, I read most of the descriptions.

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Dimanche: Cité de l'architecture et du patrimoine on Place du Trocadéro 🇫🇷 (2/?)

An interesting component of what they have are a few tables of the behind the scenes process of making plaster casts and stained glass versions.

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Dimanche: Cité de l'architecture et du patrimoine on Place du Trocadéro 🇫🇷 (1/?)

They have a mix of contemporary and ancient examples of architecture. The ground level was a lot of plaster work from churches and the first level was a mix of contemporary architecture and remakes of paintings inside abbeys and churches.
It was near the Eiffel Tower, to I took a walk across the bridge, through a Christmas market, and back again.
Link: citedelarchitecture.fr/

22 décembre 2018

Had a day out in and around Paris.

I went to a Pâtisserie, Sadaharu AOKI which was French-Japanese fusion. I had a Mont Blanc with marrons (then I realized that I had a Mont Blac before, but in Brussels)

Then I walked to Le Bon Marché along Rue de Babylon. Went on a walk around the department store as well as La Grande Epicerie de Paris which was super busy.

Yum Sunday brunch at Orléans xmas marché
.. Bretzel with raclette cheese.

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