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Colored version of my profile photo when I had lighter hair (in Venice this year)

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Finishing off this package I am sending to family back in with a letter which doubles as a puzzle of a busy centre in . Love the gold detailing.

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Inside of me is a vast ocean,
And my heart is like the moon pulling forth the tides.

🌊 🌕

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@hcs En France, on appelle cela la médaille du travail.

@Phigger @superruserr It's not permeated very large parts of the population I'd say :) It even has a wikipedia page:

Talking about French with my flatmate: Apparently there is a French language trend since the 2000s) to invert some words. For example, femme becomes emmef.

There is also apparently another trend to say the last letters of the word (since last year) ie 'femm' becomes 'femm-eh'.


I have been eating all sorts of 🇫🇷 French snacks and so far I like the chevre et fromage crisps and Michel et Augustin petit beurre biscuits avec gorgonzola etc. The gaufrettes with the cheese and crêpettes (Carrefour brands) are a bit questionable.

What is concerning is that I am not making enough that things had become a negative output last month...

Next weekend I will endeavour to go somewhere in Paris city. And when I choose my hours for the German/French language learning marathon from Feb 20 to March 21, I'll make sure to have two weekends doing my classes early morning and late at night, to allow me to do an overnight trip somewhere in France without worrying about Internet connection at the hotel.
Essentially I have 3-4 months left in Paris and the weather is getting better too.

Things have been stressful for the past five years that I don't have much bandwidth for other things, notably developing and maintaining friendships and close connections. When my flatmates move out, I know that I won't see them anymore. When I say goodbye to someone I care about, I'm scared that I won't see them anymore.

Je suis allée au marché et j'ai acheté trois fromages, une baguette traditionelle et deux viennoiseries. 🥖

The things we do for 💌 like move to a foreign country, learn the language of our loved ones... (just thinking about the other language students in my class)

Enjoying the French women diet of eating a lot of carbs and cheese and chocolates while maintaining 19 BMI.

Doing my class notes in advance for the two classes i have tomorrow (so far, at leat 10 pages of notes..) I've so far found French A1.2 is easier then German A1.2 but I think a lot of it is around the rules. 🇫🇷 🇩🇪

J'ai cependant acheté de la nourriture russe ... ma journeé c'est OK. 🇷🇺

I think the officer should have been inside, protecting me from the beauty salon worker coughing all over my face this morning.....

(If it's not obvious, it's an armed officer in brown uniform standing outside my beauty salon and I'm not really sure why they were there)

je vais à un salon de beauté pour des soins de visage ...

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