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Colored version of my profile photo when I had lighter hair (in Venice this year)

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Finishing off this package I am sending to family back in with a letter which doubles as a puzzle of a busy centre in . Love the gold detailing.

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Inside of me is a vast ocean,
And my heart is like the moon pulling forth the tides.

🌊 🌕

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Had a chat with Laura of Lingoda and I made sure to add as much details as possible with tips and advice for language learning*

😻 😻

I really don't want to stay up late, past midnight, on a Monday morning writing a letter of complaint to the property manager but here we are.

I'm going back to A1.1 🇫🇷 French just for tonight's lesson and it feels way too easy, like a refresh or review.

French idioms related to Spring!

🇫🇷 🌷

1. Une hirondelle ne fait pas le printemps

2. Il faut cultiver son jardin

3. Les saints de glace

4. En avril, ne te découvre pas d’un fil

5. Avoir la main verte

#Paris listed as most expensive - it pretty much is, I'm even thinking of just waiting until after I move out to get my hair done. I would have already moved out of France before the Summer tourist rush begins.

J'acheté une gâteau au fromage blanc sur les marché. Je veux mange avec un café (au lait d'amande)..

Best Parc forever is EuropaPark :)
Asterix is really cool too with friends.

Cette aprés-midi, je mange un cannelle brioche et je bois un café ☕ 👏

Note to self before I leave : Go to this amazing Van Gogh museum

The l'Atelier des Lumieres, or Workshop of the Lights, museum in Paris is adding a new dimension to its new Vincent Van Gogh display....

Petit-déjeuner - un café avec a Viennoiserie amande aux pommes et chocolat, je mange petit a petit...

Ce matin, j'a je fais au marche et je achète une brownie avec pecan et chocolat.. et canelé du Bordeux!! Hmmmm 🇫🇷

Comme petit-dejeneur 'dessert', je voudrais une crêpe au sucre ou crêpe au marron! 😋

Avait mes ongles fait dans un salon du ongles. Aujourd'hui, je suis allée à Bonne Nouvelle pour participer à une petite Meetup à Welcome to the Jungle. Puis un leçon de français et plus tard à 22h un leçon d'allemand.

💅 🇫🇷 🇩🇪 💻

Busy weekend. I'm supposed to go to a free CFP (call for proposals) workshop but I don't think I will have time. Also this Sunday is first Sunday of the month which means that the museums and art galleries are free entry.

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